Textiles ( II )

Lo que hicimos fuer renta un coche y un guía para hacer todo el tour. Comenzamos en Hierve el Agua y luego fuimos los textiles. Nos llevo el guía y nos enseñaron como se trabajan. Primero vimos como hacen el hilo, también de donde sacan los colores todo de manera natural usan diferentes animales (cochinilla para el rojo) ciertas plantas y cal . Al igual vimos todo el proceso que sigue de como lo tejen y el producto final como un suéter que me compre jajaj mi mama se compro un tapete.

We wanted to visit some sites outside the city so we booked a private tour guide to get around. We started off with the farthest place on our list which was Hierve el agua and then headed to where most of the textiles are made. It’s a community that works with handmade fabrics. They were really nice and showed us how they work. First, we saw how to make the yarn, also where do the colors come from all kinds of natural ways;  they use different animals (cochinilla for red), certain plants and lime. After we were shown the whole process we were able to see the final product. Now that I know what it takes to make them I was looked more carefully at each one and I had more appreciation of the product. I bought a sweater that I know I will wear a lot and my mom bought a rug which she fell in love with.






Escrito por Yokine Noriega